• Ours is India's largest player in the Glass Container market through organic and inorganic growth measures, currently having pan-India presence. Our belief in core values of people, operational excellence, innovation, integrity, constantly striving to improve quality and using best in class technology helps us stand out among our competitors.

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  • Currently in India, higher disposable income, rising preference of consumer for low alcohol beverage and increasing youth population has led to an increase in socializing in pubs, going out for drinks and hanging out in bars, making it a social phenomenon, in Metro and Tier two cities. This has led to an increase in beer consumption. As demand for beer and liquor consumption increases, the supply increases with it. This raise in demand has given a solid boost to beer and liquor industry. Besides, the rising number of pubs and bars are another factor which has helped in increasing beer consumption. Some state governments, for instance Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala, offered separate licenses for beer sale, further boosting growth prospects for the industry. The beer industry has seen various mergers and acquisitions in India, which has consolidated the market place and lead to increased market competition during the last five years, which has led to deep market penetration.