Accordingly to you, what is the most attractive feature of food? The aroma; its freshness, isn’t it!

Thus, PICK GLASS for zero chemicals and zero risks of damaged taste and smell.

Glass packaging makes sure that your product remains fresh and smells good, throughout. Glass packaging does not absorb any kind of smell, which is why it is able to ensure that the product inside maintains its original aroma and flavour. This is because glass has no chemicals in it, as opposed to plastic containers! Plastic packaging often gets stained by the food stored inside it, not just that, but plastic also fails to preserve the aroma and flavor of the food. This is a very strong reason why glass containers are ideal for storing all kind of foods. The surface of a glass container is glossier, and thus it helps the food stay fresh and smell good for longer period.

Right packaging is important to protect the product from harmful chemicals to effect one's health. There are several ways for the chemicals to enter the container. But the chances of this happening in a glass container are very low because glass has zero permeability to chemicals, making it nonporous in nature; the glass packaging won’t react with the product inside.

As human beings, it is our contsant effort to save the earth and give our future generation a better place to live. We can start doing the same by choosing right packaging, and ensure that we protect our environment.

As India’s leading glass container industry, we at HNG are committed to providing eco-friendly solutions impacting a consumer's daily life process.