Why Glass is more
trustworthy than plastic?

If you store your food in a plastic container, there are high chances the chemicals from the plastic container will migrate into your food, damaging it and causing health hazards to ones consuming the food from it. This especially happens when you serve hot food into a plastic. But there is no leakage of any unwanted or poisonous chemicals in a glass food container, making it safe and secured for using it over and over again. Glass is made of natural raw materials and is non-porous. Other benefits of glass packaging include its top performance at different temperatures. So, in case you want to store food and heat it in the same container, then you can do it in a glass container, without having to stress about it. Storing food in clear glass also helps you identify what is stored inside it, without having to open its lid. Unless dropped, they will last a lifetime and still hold up well.

Opt for glass food containers if you wish to keep your food fresh, clean and tasty for longer duration. This gesture of yours will be your first step towards eco-friendly solutions.
  • Household

    Providing a safe and secured environment to our families is our primary responsibility. To make sure they are free of chemical influence, glass containers are seen as one of the safest storage because they are least likely to transfer chemical into our foods and polluting the containers. Due to its nonreactive nature, glass container is a preferred packaging for households.

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  • Cosmetics

    While choosing any product, what attracts you the most about it? Its packaging and its potential sideeffects, right!

    Glass is one of the oldest packaging materials. The biggest advantage of glass packaging is that it is nonporous and is chemically inert. Because of these features, glass doesn’t not allow its contents to get mixed with moisture and oxygen, keeping the product inside it as safe and secured. Thus, cosmetic industry highly depends on glass for its packaging.

    Quality and premium look determines market appeal of cosmetic products. Since aesthetically pleasing product gets noticed by consumers faster. Glass container used for cosmetics packaging assures the consumers that product hasn’t been tempered because the only way to damage a glass is by physically breaking it and a dent in a glass container is easily noticeable.
  • Tumblers

    Say Hi Tumbler and Bye to chemicals!

    Tumblers are one the healthiest glass materials because it is chemical free. Our body needs to consume loads of water on daily basis. Imagine what would happen if along with water consumption, you consume chemicals as well? Isn’t it a scary thought? Yes! And if you wish to keep your family and loved ones away from health hazards, switch to Tumblers NOW!

    Glass containers are made from raw materials and can be recycled multiple times.

    HNG believes in offering quality, yet easy solutions to our consumers. Thanks to its smooth surface, you won’t have to struggle with cleaning these Tumblers. Spread of bacteria and dirt is not easy on a glass container.
Stay safe; stay healthy by choosing GLASS!