With increasing pollution and contamination in this world, here’s what you can do to save your family health scares – PICK GLASS!

A market leader in glass container industry for decades, prioritizing consumer’s satisfaction has always been HNG’s core beliefs, in addition to keeping quality quotient intact! The material used in glass manufacturing is less likely to allow contents to mix with air or other possible chemicals, thus enabling glass to preserve the flavor of the product for much longer period than other types of packaging.

How does glass keep your
food safe from going it stale faster?

The packaging of glass container is such that the moisture is less likely to get inside it, thus keeping your food safe. Unless the glass is physically broken, your food won’t be contaminated, which plastic packaging is capable of doing.

For packaging products, glass is always a secured option because plastic can melt and it carries the risks of chemical leakage into your eatables. A glass consumer does not have to worry about chemicals or other contaminants because glass is made from natural materials and it is chemically inert (made from reactive chemicals). This helps in keeping your food fresh for longer period.

Most importantly, glass never loses it purity and that is reason why consumers feel glass is best for maintaining the true flavor and taste of their products.