As India’s leading Glass container industry, we at HNG have always believed in serving the best to our consumers.
The process of glass manufacturing is very intricate, but we take pride in providing quality and thus
strengthening our relationships with our partners all over the world. Here’ how we do it -

HNG has a fleet of its own Trucks to ferry the raw materials to our factories.
Most of the sources of raw materials are in close proximity to our plants as they are very strategically located to take cost advantage of lower inbound transportation costs.
  • Silica

    Acts as the very base of Glass Manufacturing
  • Soda Ash

    Acts as a source of Alumina
  • Lime Stone

    Gives the Glass chemical durability
  • Magnesia

    Controls the setting rate and crystallization behaviour
  • Alumina

    Gives the Glass greater chemical durability
  • Cullet

    Broken Glass used to make Glass Bottles
  • Feldspar

    Acts as a source of Alumina
  • Dolomite

    Ensures purity and consistency
  • Speciality Chemicals

    certain properties of the chemicals are a
    crucial cog