Glass packaging makes a product visually appealing; they are much more attractive than plastic or paperboard packaging. It allows our consumers to keep and repurpose their glass containers once they are done using the product. We, at HNG, with our 60 years of expertise in glass manufacturing have constantly strived to offer quality packaging solution to our consumer, which also has a classic image, never gets old, never changes its appearance, and is always in style! A glass product betters your shelf appearance with its premium look.

Applied Ceramic Label printing is one of the oldest types of design used for glass, which can print directly on the surface of the glass. Screen painting helps the glass look premium and elite. In Applied Ceramic Label printing process, a ceramic paint is applied to the surface of a container directly and fired through a Lehr furnace. When the temperature of the fire is upto 1180° F, the design gets fused to the glass forever. An additional feature of ACL is that 360 degrees around the bottle can be covered and design limitations pushed with traditional paper labeling. Other important part about a glass is that it is the most stylish looking and creates a luxurious ambience. This look and feel on the glass is possible because of Applied Cermaic Label printing facility.

ACL has a very high chemical resistance and can very well print on recycled glass as well because it contains some inorganic inks, which can be melted and fused to glass at a lower temperature than the melting temperature of the glass.