• We at HNG - India’s leading glass manufacturing industry, support sustainable growth that has been developed by our top leadership. We offer complete packaging solution to our customers to improve overall productivity and line performance. Glass packaging has multiple benefits that range from conserving the quality of its content, to providing a premium look, to offering a customized packaging solution and most importantly that stands out from all of these is its eco-friendly nature.
  • Glass manufacturing is an intricate and lengthy process. Before the glass containers are shipped, they are packaged together in a unique manner. There is something that appears on the cover of a glass packaging, right? It is nothing but a Shrink Film, which is used to overwrap variety of packaging. Made up of polymer plastic, it shrinks tightly on applying heat or whatever it is covering. The best feature about a Shrink Film is that it can be made to shrink in either one direction or even both the directions. The films can be stretched from their initial natural patterns when the films have cooled to adjust the molecules.

But, what causes it to shrink back to its natural dimensions?
Cooling the ilm sets its characteristics until it is reheated.

Shrink Film is usually applied over or around object by automated equipment and later for
shrinking purposes, it is heated by a heat gun or passed through a shrink tunnel.