HNG’s expertise in glass manufacturing for over decades makes us firmly believe that there is no other packaging which not only protects its contents, but is highly eco-friendly in nature other than glass. This process of eco-friendly solution has several levels of functioning. One of the process involved in glass manufacturing is that of acquiring shapes!

A foundry is a place that produces metal castings. This liquid later is poured into moulds to acquire shapes. Our plants at Bahadurgarh, Rishra and Puducherry have this facility. A place that produces metal castings is called as Foundry, an exclusive metal processing method. Foundry involves molding, melting, and casting of parts; that is, producing castings by filling the prepared moulds with molten metal alloys (mostly aluminium).

HNG’s Foundry Capabilities include -

They not only produce metal castings, but they also offer varied casting related services. Additionally, it also offers a solution for the liquid metal to solidify later.

Foundries are a very important component in glass manufacturing process. Foundry technology makes it easier for us to shape the various parts of the glass containers.

HNG is well equipped with modern technology and several facilities. One amongst them is the in-house facility of Foundry/Mould workshop at Bahadurgarh and Puducherry.

HNG’s Mould Shop capabilities include –